April 26, 2021

The tourist attractions in Orhei City

Orhei is one of the oldest cities in the Republic of Moldova, with a remarkable history and wonderful attractions visited by tourists from around the world.

Below you will find the main tourist attractions that you must visit at least once.

  • Cultural and natural reservation „The Old Orhei”
  • Curchi Monastery
  • Tabăra Monastery
  • Hirova Monastery
  • Brănești Cellars
  • Roman Catholic Church from Orhei
  • „Sfântul Nicolae” Cathedral
  • Museum of History and Ethnography
  • Museum Cucuruzeni
  • The historical-ethnographic museum „Arta Rustică”
  • House-museum  „Alexandru Donici”
  • The Monument of  Vasile Lupu
  • The Lazo family Mansion
  • National Park „Orhei”
  • The Trebujeni landscape reservation
  • The Touristic Complex Château Vartely

We want you to fully enjoy the wonderful places of Orhei and we look forward to seeing you at STARK Hotel.



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